We invite all Retired Educators to become members of Washington County Retired Teachers Association. WCRTA affords  the opportunity for you to stay informed, involved and in-touch with “what is happening” with… education…your health care…your  pension…your investments…and much more.

Why Join WCRTA?

Professional, interesting meetings are held which inspire, inform and challenge while providing opportunities for good fellowship and fun.   Newsletters (with a Ma Burton influence) help keep you informed about what is going on with WCRTA and ORTA, and what you can do to help.  Your name may be included for recognition of your birthday, wedding anniversary, or volunteer service to WCRTA or your community.

Who may join WCRTA?

  1. Newly retired educators.
  2. Retired educators who have never joined.
  3. Former members who have not rejoined.
  4. Husbands and wives who are State Teacher Retirement System (STRS) retirees should both join since both receive increases when granted, and are eligible for      member benefits from WCRTA, ORTA and STRS.
  5. Disability retirees and STRS beneficiaries are eligible for regular membership.

Join WCRTA Today!

Contact : Hugh Coffman 374-6718  or Eldon Young 678-8077

When you join, you become a valued member of an organization that cares about you and wants to:

  1. help you enjoy being a WCRTA member, and
  2. work with you to help maintain steady increases in your retirement      benefits.

The strength of this ORTA chapter and ORTA rests with you and all members.  We support strategic plans and actions that determine the success of our chapter, ORTA and ultimately the stability of retirement benefits.

WCRTA DUES :          Annual dues are a bargain at only $10.